Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Willie here again at 5:40pm. Debbi is out of surgery and currently in Recovery until about 6pm. Her surgery took approx 5.5 hours. We were able to see her for a couple of minutes, but expect to see more of her once they release her to NICU where she'll stay for at least a day before transitioning to her room. Dr. G suggested she most likely will go home either Saturday or Sunday.

Although I don't know how much she'll remember, she was aware of everything. She had head pain and some in her stomach as well. Although as recently a this week, there was some brief discussion around having retro sig instead of Translab, but she stayed the course with Translab. Dr. G. suggested afterwards that it was the right decision based on what they found. He was able to get most of the tumor out and only left a little on the facial nerve. Dr. G. didn't believe at this point that there was anything to be concerned about in terms of it coming back as a result of this decision and this is what Debbi would have wanted as well.

Debbi has some minor numbness on her right side, but Dr. G believes it should go away in 4-5 months as the nerve monitoring proved that she had a good signal throughout the nerve. She's able to close her eye and will no doubt get much better as the swelling goes down.I'm sure Debbi will want to get online just as soon as she can and fill you all in on everything. I'll share with her all your best wishes - it will mean so much to her as it does to all of us.

Thank you all again.

Ethel-ectomy Underway...

Hopefully I do this blog justice as I've not done this before. Here's an update for Debbi as of 11:20am on 4/30.

We arrived in NYC yesterday late afternoon and relaxed awhile before an early-bird special dinner at 5:45pm. Funny how that doesn't sound so unreasonable as time goes by. Nice dinner with Debbi's folks and a dear friend of Debbi's.

Debbi's folks back to Peggy's apartment and Debbi & I to the hotel in time for American Idol. We slept in shifts as this has become our new norm - and up at 5am. A quick sprint to NYU where we met Debbi's parents at 6am. We were one of only several people who were in Admitting at this time of the day, so we quickly found our little pre-surgery waiting room. Many doctor and nurse visits later, our little quiet Admitting area quickly filled up with many more nurses and 12-year old Doogie-like doctors. It got so bad and noisy, I quickly came to the conclusion that we no longer wanted to experience the frenzy that oozes from newbie thrill seeking Xgames wanna be surgeons....OK, the truth be told, we knew this was a training hospital and I've possibly watched one too many "ER" shows, and I'm sure they're all great doctors, but man they looked so young and so eager to spawn their way into the OR as soon as the doors mysteriously opened.

Debbi was, as she always is, in full control and was pressing to move this process along. We eventually got the all systems go at 8:30am EST where she boldly walked herself into surgery with a nurse in tow - no doubt describing to the nurse how she wanted this gig to go down.

We expect to hear something by 1pm, so I'll share what I'm sure will be great news as soon as I can.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support,

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Final Countdown...

Wow, hard to believe that tomorrow is THE DAY. My emotions are on a speedy rollercoaster ride by now - anger, fear, panic, calm, optimistic, more fear and on it goes. At least none of these emotions last for long!

Finished all my client work yesterday, and go my office ready for my absence. My brother in law, Philp, arrived from Alabama last night so we had a great visit. He gets special kudos for making the trip up here to look after his parents while Willie is with me in NYC. Phil (father in law) is still in rehab, but doing so well that I won't be surprised if he is home before me!

This morning, I am getting things in the house ready - clean sheets and towels for when I get home, etc. Also finished packing for the "trip" - pretty easy in my case, as I won't be needing much in the way of clothes - ha!

We'll drive into the city this afternoon and get settled - mom and dad at Peg's place on E. 50th and Willie at a hotel near the hospital. Once we've got everyone settled in, we'll meet Kura for dinner at Josie's, a health food restaurant. This will allow me to maintain my veggie regimen right up through "the last supper." I need to be at the hospital very early tomorrow morning, so we'll all head to bed early tonight and hope for at least a little sleep.

Dr. Roland called this morning just to confirm things and to confirm that I am "first up" tomorrow morning - eek! It's so official now!!!!!

Willie will post in the next day or so with an update on my surgery. I probably won't be back "in person" for at least a week. Feel free to leave comments in the meantime, though.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday at the Northern Compound

And all is quiet - at least for now.

I took time out yesterday for a little "retail therapy" - shoes, a new handbag and a spiffy bag for the hospital. The hospital bag is a bright red quilted thing - quite festive and perfect for little toiletry items and a book (which I'll probably be too dizzy to read.) Willie will be bringing it over to me from the hotel after I get settled in NICU - he is quite concerned about walking around NYC with a bright red, quilted bag! Ha ha! I told him to just look as manly as possible and walk with 'tude...

I am on my self-directed healthy eating plan now - lots of veggies, only lean proteins, and whole grains. Not really different from the way I usually eat, but I am trying to make sure I really push the leafy greens even more than usual. Gotta keep the engine running perfectly!

Mom and Dad are still working their fingers to the bone here. Yesterday, they both weed-whacked all over the property - their hands were so numb from the weed whackers that neither one of them could life a cup of coffee. I may have to chain them to the motor home soon - just so they get some rest.

Things are relatively quiet at rehab - Phil now has permission to leave his bed at night and travel several feet to the commode unaided. He's been given specific instructions on how to do this without killing himself. We hope he complies...

Meanwhile, Willie is over at the Far Northern Compound today spearheading a big "de-cluttering" effort. He's rented a storage space and is going pry some of the treasured possessions from the dark corners of Butternut Rd and liberate them. I'm sure there will be some good stories to tell, but you won't hear them from me --- I plan to stay as far away as possible.

Willie and I are now sleeping in shifts. He took the first shift last night while I watch Top Chef on TiVO; then he took the second shift for some F-1 racing; I took the 3 Am shift for a little light reading; back to Willie in a few hours for more F-1. I don't think things have been much better in the driveway where my parents are no-doubt sleeping in shifts. (And, no, they're not sleeping in the actual driveway - they are comfortably ensconced in their 35-foot deluxe motorhome!) Maybe once I'm in the hospital and Ethel is safely removed from my head, we'll all finally get some sleep. I plan on demanding morphine every five minutes if necessary! :)

Rocket and Phoebe and crazy dog Carrie are on their best behavior - well, sort of. Rocket still has an occasional spot-monster attack and Carrie is still neurotic. Phoebe is just ... well, she's just Phoebe - into everything and totally clueless. She loves to help herself to salad greens and other veggies when no one is looking - aparently she isn't aware that cats are supposed to be carnivores...

well, that's the latest from the northern compound...

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon

... about all being calm at the Northern Compound.

When Willie talked to him Mom last night, he learned that Phil had left his bed the prior night to use the commode (yes, with two bad knees and a broken hip) - against ALL orders! Good grief - like we don't have enough going on without Phil becoming a "flight risk!" Willie is going over tonight to try to talk some sense into his dad - I may just head over there myself with a 2 x 4 to try to "talk" some sense into him (kidding, of course!) Arrgghh!

Yes, Kay, I am in need of a swing - might as well swing now because I'm sure that will be on the list of forbidden activities post surgery for awhile!

Breath, Debbi, Breath...

Off to the spa this afternoon for a much needed facial and massage - I'm leaving my cell phone in the locker. Ahh, peace and quiet and no emergencies for a couple of hours...

Signing off from the Northern Compound...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is it Really Just Six More Days???

All quiet today (finally!) at the Northern Compound.

Of course, now that the rest of the family has finished falling apart, I have more time to focus on myself which isn't necessarily a good thing. I am somewhat embarrassed to confess that I am having occasional moments of self-pity. This morning I went to get my hair "touched up" (yes, that means exactly what you think it does - I have no idea what my "natural" hair color is at this point!) While I was sitting there with chemicals on my head, I started thinking - gee, this is my last stereophonic experience at the hair salon - poor me. Of course, then someone's child started shrieking and I immediately prayed for instant (albeit temporary) deafness. How do children achieve that nearly ear-drum piercing pitch anyway?

I felt a bit weepy in the car on the way home - and then told myself how completely unproductive I was being. Honestly, when I think about some of the truly terrible things people have to live with, I just want to slap myself! Then again, I am entitled to at least some moments of fear...

So, that makes me wonder - what exactly is it that I am afraid of? Well, I already know I'll be deaf in one ear - but I am afraid of how that will really feel; and afraid I won't handle it as well as I should. And, I am afraid of having problems with facial movement and that, if I do, people might stare at me in public. (I know - so what?) I guess it boils down to be afraid of the unkown - and I am pretty certain that, no matter what happens, once it happens, I'll be okay. That's good to know! And, hell, who wouldn't be at least a little afraid six days before brain surgery?!

Okay, all better now!

Besides, I have a wonderful husband, incredible parents, amazing friends, amusing pets - and a freshly stained deck!

Good to go!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And the Doctor Laughed...

So, off I went, in a near-panic, to my doctor today ... headached, congestion, achy - all the symptoms of allergy onset. Naturally, I was so nerved up when I got there that the minute I saw the doctor I started blathering away telling him what my "diagnosis" was. After nearly passing out from lack of oxygen (hard to draw a breath when you are talking mile-a-minute) I suddenly had an epiphany. I looked at him and said - "I'd better shut up - YOU are the doctor!" He and I both had a big laugh.

So, he is aggressively treating me for allergies - need to make sure I don't get a sinus infection. (Kay, I was horrified to hear that you actually had to have your surgery posptoned for similar reasons!!) I put a call into the surgeon to make sure I can take a nasal steroid spray (at the request of my PCP).

I do find that my sense of imbalance increases significantly when my sinuses are affected. I have been feeling a bit "wonky" all day - same as when there are barometric changes. Feels like I've had just a bit too much to drink, or almost like I've gotten up to quickly or something. Not bad, just weird.

Well, hopefully nothing else to be reported today from the Jersey burbs...

The Sniffles

Murphy's Law is at work in the Northern Compound! I was feeling draggy and exhasuted yesterday, which I attributed to stress (ya think????) However, today I woke up with a sinus headache and runny nose. Horrors!!!!

I put a call in to my regular doctor and have an appointment later today (he's the best!) Normally a case of the sniffles wouldn't be any cause for alarm - I'd just go out and get some sort of decongestant and go on about my business. But, with surgery only a week away, I can't take any chances of really getting sick (and therefore being unable to have surgery) or taking something that might interfere with teh anesthesia. So, off to Dr. Casella to find out if he can "fix" me asap!

I'm done asking - "what else can hapen?"

Meanwhile, my parents are busy staining the deck, making repairs at my in-laws house, and looking after their only daughter. They are up for sainthood, along with my husband, who has been running between work, his dad in rehab, his wife having meltdowns, and the other "usual" stuff of life. Purple Hearts for everyone!

How many more days until I'm hooked up to happy drugs????

More later...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

News from the North Compound

Well, here I am again - and a mere week away from Boogerectomy! Egads!

But enough about brain tumors and such...

Phil was moved to a rehab facility late yesterday (after he insisted in getting out of his hospital bed - unaided!) I went to visit him this morning and they already had him in pt. He did great with his therapy and seems competely committed to working as hard as he needs to. What a tough guy he is! He's eating like a horse, and, apparently, pooping like one too! All systems go...literally.

Meanwhile, in news from the Southern Compound - little Patrick is home and back to his happy self - thank goodness!

So, back to me ... my memory is just ridiculously bad now. I can't remember anything which is frustrating as all hell. This, of course, has very little to do with the thing in my head, but does have everything to do with the stress going on right now. I am trying to be patient with myself - but as those who know me well already know, patience is NOT my best quality! So add frustration to the mix.

Mom and Dad are busy doing stuff in the yard and house - today's project was washing the deck in preperation for staining it. In between working like dogs aroud the property, they went to the Honda dealer and put their name on a new CR-V. When my doctor warned me not to make any large purchases until the "tumor crisis" was behind me, I didn't think to warn my parents of same... LOL!

So, the final countdown is now officially undersay - boogerectomy minus 8 and counting...

More later...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Update

Well, it has certainly been an eventful week!

Phil finally had surgery to repair his broken hip yesterday - this involved a rod in his leg, bolted to the bone by pins. He had a rough time with the anesthesia and came out fighting; however, he is fine today. Willie spent the last two nights in the hospital, sleeping (well, at least a little) in the room with his dad. I think it was a huge comfort to Phil to have him there.

Because it wasn't scary enough having Phil in the hospital, I got an email Friday morning from Linda (my sister in law who lives in Alabama) saying that our grand-nephew, Patrick, was very ill. They ended up taking him to the hospital yesterday for high fever and severe dehydration. Poor little guy had to have an IV inserted (he's only 9 months old!) and apparently he fought it with every ounce of his little being. Like great-grandfather, like great- grandson. Anyway, he seemed to be a little better by this morning and we are hopeful that he can come home today. I know his parents, Jack and Rebecca, have been under a terrible strain with their little guy.

I am starting to think that there is some sort of black vortex around our family right now!

Meanwhile, this has provided a very effective distraction for me - this week flew by, filled with stress, but at least it went fast. And, since I was busy worrying about Phil and Willie, I really didn't have much time to obsess about Ethel!

Of course, this morning, knowing that the immediate danger to Phil has passed, I suddenly realized that I'll be in the hospital in a mere 11 days - eek!

Mom and Dad arrived Thursday and have busy whipping our property into shape. Mom has "de-spidered" the garage, dead-headed numberous plants; and she and Dad have taken down all the deer fencing and started all sorts of spring "stuff." Not to mention, they've been the best possible medicine for me!

The Bosu is still lurking outside my office door - but I saw it flinch when I walked by today, which is an excellent sign! I know I am on the very precipice of completely subduing it!!!

So, all is as well as can be expected in the North Compound...

More later...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It Comes in Threes...

Challenges, that is.

So, this all started a couple of months ago with us rushing my mother in law (Virginia) to the hospital ER where we learned (after 6 hours) that she had a ruptured appendix. During her 8 days in the hospital, I also found out that I had this thing growing on my 8th Cranial Nerve!

One would really think that this would be enough stress and crappiness for one little family here in NJ. But NO...

Two days ago, Virginia found my father in law (Phil) passed out on the bathroom floor. After reviving him and spending 4 hours trying to convince him to go to the hospital (don't even ask) Virginia finally called an ambulance. Fast forward a few hours - broken hip. I became the "sargent" of the calling tree - phoning my husband first (and, that isn't a call I relished making - there's just no easy way to break that news), then the other son (Philip) and Aunt Millie (Phil's sister).

As of this moment, he is scheduled to have surgery Friday which will involved pinning the bone/s. He is is very disoriented because of the meds and keeps wanting to leave the hospital. This whole thing is a huge worry because of his age (81) and also the fact that he could barely walk before this because both of his knees are shot.

As the date for my own surgery moves ever closer, I am definitely feeling the stress of this latest crisis. I am usually the one micro-managing everyone else's health (a standing joke in the family), but I don't feel really very well equipped to do that right now.

Happily, my own parents are arriving sometime tomorow! No matter what your age, there are times when you just want your mom and dad - and this is one of those times for sure!

The animals continue to amuse me. Phoebe handily removed both curtains by the front door today. Apparently some bug or spider got in and was hanging on the sheers - Phoebe went on the offensive and ripped both sheers right off the windows. I'm not sure what the status of the bug is...

My primary doc pronounced me to be "as fit as a 32-year old" today and signed off on my medical release.

Countdown continues. Updates to follow...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pre-Admittance Done

Boring headline, but it sums up the day. Willie and I stayed over at our friend, Peg's place on E. 50th and walked down to NYU this morning, arriving a bit before 8 AM. Then we waited for over an hour because the doctor's assistant hadn't sent the paperwork down and didn't come to work until 9 AM. (Again, happy it is not her doing the surgery!)

After the wait, things went quickly and smoothly. Had much of my blood removed (okay, an exageration, but FOUR vials??), chest x-ray, EKG. Willie had to avert his eyes during the blood letting - hell, so did I! Met with anesthesia and the "head" nurses for both surgeons. Went through a couple more embarrassing balance "assessments" - all proving that I don't have much balance! Ha - like I didn't know that...

They all seemed very effecient and very pleasant - think I am in for excellent hands. Apparently I will wake up with a hell of a headache, which will be only partly subdued by pain meds. Also, I'll have a very festive head-dress! Bring on the Sharpies markers...

It is another beautiful spring day in NJ. I am sitting at my desk with the animals triangulated around me ... sitting pretty.

more later...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring shines on the Acoustic Neuroma...

Catchy title, isn't it?

So, spring has finally arrived in NJ - yesterday reached the mid 70's and was just about as beautiful a day as you could want. Makes me eager to dig in some dirt or something...

Meanwhile, the big news today is that I don't have to get the second MRI and "markers" after all! And, what that really means is that I get two extra shampoo days in before surgery!! Dolly from NYU called first thing this morning to give me the news - very nice way to start my day! Turns out that it was clerical error (glad they aren't the ones cutting open my head on the 30th!).

Update on the bosu ball - I am slowly beating it into submission. I have it positioned in the entry hall of the house where I can keep an eye on it from my office. When it appears to be docile, I run out and leap on it and bounce a couple of times before leaping off again. HA! (And you thought the cats were strange...)

Will update later ...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Gone!!!

No, not the Bosu Ball and not the AN... the rodent is gone! Yes, sometime in the dark of night, some scavenger apparently came long and took it away. Isn't that creepy? Well, at least now Willie (my beloved) doesn't have to deal with it - he's not really a lover of the rodents...

I had a bit of a surprise yesterday when the surgeon's office faxed over my pre-admittance information. It came as a total shock that, in addition to the pre-admit on the 14th, I also need to go in for another brain MRI and something called "fiducial marking!" And, to make it even more appealing - I can't get the markings wet. Which means I can't wash my hair after that - horrors!!!

I am way more freaked out by the thought of not washing my hair for a week than I am about the fact that someone is going to cut my skull open. Yes, I know, that will change... But, really, one wants to look one's best for brain surgery.

And, of course, there is also the fact that I wasn't expecting to have another MRI. Fortunately, the surgeon's office kindly offered to prescribe something so that I won't wig out in the machine. Can't have that, now can we?

For those of you following the Bosu Ball story line ... I made a run at it last night (Willie standing by to catch me) and managed to bounce on it and right off again. It's like a precarious trampoline. I tried to do some crunches on it - and rolled right off. But, I plan to show the thing who is boss around here!

The animals are more or less okay. The "spot on the floor" craziness has completely past with the cats. Carrie, the dog, is still neurotic. Did I mention that she sometimes takes Xanax? Hey, maybe I should be taking the Xanax... Hhhmmm.

Well, disappering rodents, tricky bosu balls, neurotic dogs - I think that's enough for one day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

B Minus 22...

And the countdown continues...

It has turned into a beautiful day in northern NJ. Sunny, low 60's, birds singing, trees budding, etc.

The only slightly jarring note to an otherwise perfect day was when I glanced to the side of our deck and saw a dead rodent laying in the mulch! I observed it for quite a while from a safe distance to make sure it was really dead and not just napping. Yep, dead. Turns out to be a mole - no doubt one of the very same moles that has been tunneling through our backyard for the last year. Ha!

The bosu ball - oh evil blue one - is still sitting in the corner gloating at me. Okay, I am a coach and I really need to get to work on myself concerning this whole bosu ball thing...

Three weeks and a day until Ethel crashes and dies. I am still strangely calm, except when I think about actually having a hole cut into my head. That's still freaky.

Still getting periodic bouts of slight dizziness - seems to coincide with barometric changes, so I suspect it may be as much sinus related as anything else. However, any little thing that happens now raises suspicions and fears. I think everyone who has one of these things worries that theirs will be one that has some sort of major growth spurt. Silly, but that's how the human mind works I guess.

Well, off to contemplate the Bosu ball some more. Maybe I'll start by just putting one foot on it while keeping the other firmly planted on terra firma...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Morning...

Well, the bosu ball is sitting in the corner, glaring malevolently at me. And that can only mean that I totally ignored it all weekend! I will engage in battle this week, and that's a promise.

Meanwhile, I spent Friday and most of Saturday in NYC, which is always a boost for me. Gotta love the energy of the city! Dinner with friends on Friday - I practiced sitting them on my "good ear" side. It is great to have friends who are so supportive and allow me to go through all my "stuff" as I adjust to this. Restaurants are definitley a challenge, even now while I still have relatively good hearing in my AN ear. I'm practicing my neck swivel...

Saturday, Willie drove in and we saw Gypsy on Broadway, with Patti Lupone. It was very good - although probably a bit "heavier" than I needed right now. I'm ALL about the light, mindless entertainment at the moment.

Which brings up the topic of reality TV. I have become addicted to reality TV and magazines like People and US - the more mindless, the better. I think it has to do with my incredibly short attention span as well as my desire to divert myself from thinking about acoustic neuromas 24-7. It's all rather embarrassing, actually. Hey, but I still like Lost!

Mom and Dad are wending their way east in their motor home. They've passed through Little Rock and were in Kenucky when we talked last night. They're detouring a bit south now to miss the worst of the tornados. No, you don't want to be in a 35-foot motor home when one of those suckers blows through...

I am counting down the days to surgery. I am actually feeling calmer right now than I've felt at any point in this journey. I'm sure that's only temporary. I emailed the surgeons about the whole bosu ball/yoga/balance exercise thing - they both said that it won't help my post-surgery balance one bit, but I should do it anyway because it's good for me!

Hi Kay, glad you popped in - it was YOUR blog that inspired me to write this, actually.

Well, folks, that's all I've got at the moment.

Boogerectomy minus 23...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bosu Ball

It just arrived - the much-awaited Bosu ball! I immediately inflated it - and than retreated in fear. WHAT was I THINKING????

I think I'd better do the unthinkable and actually view the instructional DVD in order to avoid landing in a heap on the floor.

Will keep you posted on Bosu developements...

B Minus 27

Ah, here I am, early in the countdown. I've read that you shouldn't "wish your life away" but, damn, I wish the next 27 days could miraculously pass quickly!

I visited the website of one of my new cyber friends from the ANA website today. Am sharing it here because he gives such a terrific account of pre and post surgery. Check it out!

I'm off to NYC tomorrow to meet up with friends for dinner at Artisinal, a favorite spot the east side. Will stay over tomorrow night and then meet up with Willie for a matinee of "Gypsy" with Patti LaPone. Should be a good diversion.

I plan to email the docs today to see what they say about pre-surgical balance exercises. I'm sure they'll say "can't hurt"... but I'll ask anyway.

Cats appear to be fully recovered from their brain tumors - no more fixating on spots. Thank goodness. There's really only room for one brain tumor per family...

More later...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Day in Acoustic Neuroma Paradise...

I am already bored with the countdown - I'm at "B minus 28" (that's Boogerectomy minus 28 days for those who aren't in "the know!") I am sure that when I get to B Minus 7, things will be much more exciting - but for now, kinda boring.

I had a little tinnitis in my AN (right) ear this morning - very little, and probably caused more by an overactive imagination than an actual tumor... Still, it freaked me out for a few minutes.

I ordered a Bosu ball this week - that is one of those wierd looking half-balls that you can use to work on balance (and other fun things). Kind of looks like half of a pilates ball (which I also have). I am planning to start an aggressive regimen of balance strengthening exercises before surgery. Oh, and I may even send the surgeons an email to ask if this will actually do any good. Or not.

Hope, who I "met" on the ANA forum is having surgery today at Johns Hopkins. She has been on my mind all day - hope her surgery is going well and that she will have a good recovery.

Good news - the cats both seem to have recovered from their supposed brain tumors. Rocket is no longer living under the foot stool, and both cats are enjoying patches of sun all over the house. Huh.

I'll add more as the mood strikes.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Next Chapter

Well, it has been an eventful few days. I made it until about 10 AM on Monday before calling the surgeon's office - and I now have a date!

I am "on" for Wednesday, April 30. Pre-op is scheduled for Monday, April 14. Feels good to get things moving.

Willie is tackling the dark lords of insurance - I am sure that will be a long and protracted process. Heck, I'm having f-ing brain surgery - why on earth would the insurance company NOT want to make that more difficult!

I've ordered a "bosu" ball which I am planning to use for rehab to regain my balance. Okay, I know I am probably getting a little ahead of myself here - but I have a compelling need to try to manage something!

I am in daily contact with others on the ANA forum - my new group of friends who are helping me through the world of acoustic neuromas.

Meanwhile, the animals in my life are providing some much needed comic relief. Rocket, the "black cat" has developed a sudden phobia of spots on the floor. Yep, spots. I'll find him staring intently at some microscopic something on the floor ... and then he will suddenly run away at full speed. Phoebe, the calico cat, can't figure out what Rocket sees, so she is now spending much of her time also staring at the floor. I'm starting to suspect that they BOTH have brain tumors...

More later...