Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Usually when I utter the word "What" it means that I didn't hear something (that whole single side deaf thing.) However, today's "What" is about something entirely different, something I've been having an internal rant about for some time now. The "What" I refer to is the absolutely ridiculous signs that I see being proudly displayed as if the owner didn't have a single working brain cell. Yep, I'm getting wound up! Get ready!

The latest "What" sign is this one. Take a good look at it. Consider it. Ask yourself these questions:

1) Who is "We"
2) What is "We" renting?
3) Assuming that I actually wanted to rent whatever it is that "We" is offering, how in Hell would I contact them?

Seriously. This sign (We Rent) is sitting on a vacant lot with only dirt and boulders - nothing else. It's killing me. I want so much to meet whatever Einstein put this up and ask them the compelling question - What were you thinking???

Frankly, this sign is even more confounding than the one at the local convenience store that says "Free Coffee with Bait." Huh? Does that mean that the coffee has small fish in it? What if I don't want bait with my coffee? Can I get coffee sans bait?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Okay, so some of you are staring at this rather scruffy looking thing and wondering - what the hell IS that thing?? That, my friends, is a rather large possum. Willie noticed it lumbering across our back yard this morning, so I raced outside with my camera to get a shot. It's pretty unusual to see these guys out during the day as they prefer the dark of night for their adventures. He was not at all impressed with me or my camera and continued to amble off into the woods as if he didn't have a care in the world. Nature - you gotta love it!

Willie may have a slightly different slant on the whole nature thing since he came face-to-face with a black bear over the weekend. He was doing his biathlon (run/bike/run/collapse) and was on the bike when a medium sized bear ran out of the woods about 50 feet in front of him. Willie said that both he and the bruin skidded to a halt and gave each other the eye. Fortunately, the bear conceded and ran off into the woods. Willie got that part of the biathlon done in record time.

I'll have to see what else turns up. Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Glad Press & Seal Plastic Wrap

Okay, first of all, let me start by saying that I am not, nor have I ever been, an employee or spokesperson for Glad. That said, I would like to take a minute to extol the virtues of this modern day miracle product!

To back up just a bit, let me tell you about the glorious day when I first discovered Glad P 'n' S. You may recall that I ended up with a post surgical infection after my brain surgery several years ago which necessitated me having a peripheral internal cardiac catheter (PICC) line "installed" so that I could infuse myself twice daily with an elixir of antibiotics. Stay with me here, I'm getting to the good part.

Because the PICC stays in your body for about 6 weeks, and because it ends up very close to your heart (hence the "cardiac catheter" part of the name,) it is imperative that the external part of the line (the part than hangs out of your arm) is kept very clean. It must also be kept very dry. Which is where the Glad P 'n' S comes into play.

For the first few days I tried encasing my arm in a plastic trash back, taped to my arm pit and shoulder with duct tape. Yeah, well, I am sure you can see the problems with this. Duct tape is waterproof, which is the good news - it also tries to become permanently adhered to your most tender body parts, which is the not-so-good part. After several days of this, I was becoming desperate. Not only did my arm have bits of duct tape stuck to it, but I was quickly going through our entire supply of plastic garbage bags. Never mind that I couldn't hold the bar of soap in my right hand because said hand was encased in a plastic garbage bag. And forget about maintaining any level of attractiveness for my poor husband!

So, somewhere I had read about people using plastic wrap to cover wounds and other things that need to stay dry. Really? Sounds great! So off to the store I went to search the plastic wrap aisle. And, as I was inspecting the goods, my eyes landed on ... Glad Press 'n' Seal! That looked like it just might work - and if not, I could always use it to wrap food!

Okay, I'll confess right now - Glad Press 'n' Seal changed my life!! I was able to wrap a big hunk of it around my arm where it stayed tightly sealed and water tight, allowing me to shower in comfort. And, best of all, it came off easily and didn't cause any sort of adhesive rash. Bonanza! Since then, I panic if I see the supply running low.

So, why bring this up now, two years later? Last week I came down with some sort of icky wrashy thing on my arms. The doctor proclaimed it to be "contact dermatitis" which is doc-speak for "yep, you've got something and we don't have a clue what it is." So, in addition to several prescriptions, the doctor instructed me to put Domeboro Astringent compresses on it several times a day. Since the affected areas were on my inner forearms, it was pretty awkward to sit there with wet, drippy compresses - every time I so much as twitched, they'd slide off and I would have to start all over again. And, then I though "Hey, wait a minute! You've got Glad Press 'n' Seal!" So now I sit here typing this with both arms wrapped snuggly in Glad, compresses in place, happy as a clam. (And, what does that mean - are clams really that happy?)

To the people at Glad - if you've got your Google alerts set to pick up online mentions of your products, I just want to say that you are missing a marketing opportunity here. There is money to be made in the post surgical, wrash, PICC line community. Personally, I think you're sitting on a gold mine. But that's just me...

Have a great day! (And, to the people at Glad, if you want to send me a check, feel free...)