Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Moment on SSD

I was hanging out on the Cochlear site, specifically on the BAHA section this evening and came across something that really resonated with me. Hopefully Cochlear won't be irritated at me for copying this verbatim...

For people who suffer from SSD, the limitations presented when this loss occurs are life changing. The reality is that many with SSD have to make very significant life changes. Simple everyday activities, such as those listed below, can become stressful and challenging:

* Crossing the street
* Attending professional meetings
* Going to restaurants
* Interacting with friends and family at social gatherings
* Bicycling
* Jogging
* Driving a car

In group situations loud sounds can be overwhelming and the simplest things in life can become major obstacles. In many cases this leads to the individual with SSD isolating him- or herself - both socially and professionally.

This is probably the best and most succinct piece I have ever seen about being Single Side Deaf. In fact, there is nothing I would add to this. Everyone who lives with, or knows someone who is SSD should take a look at this - it will help you to understand what life is like for us. Not looking for pity here, by the way.

I am in the beginning stage of getting a BAHA. If it can mitigate or eliminate any of these issues, I will consider it completely worth it to have a bolt in my head. And, as Willie pointed out, if I decide I don't like it, I'll still have something to hang my dirty clothes on...