Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birds and Brain Tumors

I used to love watching birds. In fact, I had bird-feeder central when I lived in St. Louis years ago. Then, I moved a few times, got busy, moved to a part of the country with seed-eating bears and ... well, then there was that pesky brain tumor thing.

Anyway, about a year after I had surgery, I decided that I wanted to take up another hobby - photography. I bought a kick-ass digital slr and started relearning everything I ever thought I knew about photography. Then, this year, in my quest for more things to photograph, I suddenly thought ... BIRDS! And, we live right on the edge of the forest, so it is bird-bonanza. Willie accuses me of never doing anything at less than 1,000 miles an hour. And, because I never want to disappoint that man, I went out and accumulated about 3,000 bird feeders and a couple of tons of seeds. Yep, bring those birds on! (slight exaggeration, but I believe in literary license.)

You'll remember part of my brain tumor legacy is that I am deaf on the right side. Good news is that my left ear hears things really well. Bad news is that mono-hearing means no directionality. Good news - I can hear those birds singing and chirping the minute I walk out the door. Bad news - I have no freaking idea where they are. Life's funny isn't it?



  1. I never watched or fed birds before my CyberKnife treatment. I wonder what exactly they zapped?? :)

  2. Maybe they add something...